Fotopub 16

Prešernov Trg 8

Novo Mesto


1 August – 6 August


From left to right:

Kulusuk, 2016, 150 x 187 cm

Gulf, 2015 ,74 x 93 cm

Gulf II, 2015, 83 x 103 cm


Josef Konczak currated Re-Vision; bringing together artists who question image-making in the digital age through their deployment of different strategies to re-think, re-purpose and re-present the photographic image, this exhibition examines the mechanics of both image and its apparatus. Three works from Shift-Command-Three were displayed (Kulusuk, Gulf (inverted), Gulf II), along with works by David Fathi, Lam Pok Yin Jeff & Chong Ng and Scott Pattinson.


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